In 2002 the project Altavia of Carmine and Astrid was born. The Name reminds of the long days on horseback in the mountains where every cowboy at the end of the day is looking for a place save and sound for his horse and a nice bar to relax.

The first idea was to offer to international clients horse riding holiday in the intouched nature of Alto Molise and Abruzzo Parks.

At the very beginning Fulmine and Bullet , 2 real Quarterhorses, belongs to the Altavia team, which are still present today and accompany trail riders during their holiday as well as runners and advanced riders in the lessons in the Arena or on a ride around Carovilli and the Coll’ Arso.

These was the second step of the Altavia Projekt and started in 2016 with livery boxes , training of horses and riders at every level of experience.

Since 2018, the adjoining bistro offers tasty food and delicious drinks to everybody in the views of the equestrian complex, the village of Carovilli, Monte Ferante and the Mainarde Range at any time of the year. Enjoy and spend a nice time alone or together in casual ambiente and cosy atmosphere.