Our service

horseback riding and weekend rides (registration required)


* daily between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm with school horses, minors only with parental permission, we recommend helmet protection and long jeans as well as basic knowledge of riding.

After consultation, we are happy to try other requests and Meet appointments. Please contact us


Riding lessons

Depending on your wishes and level of training, school horse
People under the age of 18 need parental permission, we recommend wearing head protection.



Horse pension

  • Base Package €250 / monthly

    3x3.5m box, litter (shavings), 6x weekly cleaning, 2x daily hay (1.5kg / 100kg), 2x daily muesli (0.5kg / 100kg), Run out twice a week 1h, use of the facility with arena, round pen, saddle chamber etc.

  • Outside package €220 / monthly

    6x6m paddok, shady area, 6x weekly. Cleaning, 2x daily hay (1.5kg / 100kg), twice daily Muesli (0.5kg / 100kg), Use of the facility with arena, round pen etc. e.g. for horses with respiratory problems



Horse training

  • Horse education €300 / monthly

    Minimum 2 months, basic package + 6x weekly training Duration, content, destinations depending on the agreement and level of training The first few days we give your horse time to arrive and to get used to the new environment We recommend to train your young horse for at least 3 months This can be proven to achieve better results from which you and your horse will benefit in the future. The basis is a stress-free learning phase in which the horse gets more time and can develop fun working with the rider

  • Correction ride €300 / monthly

    Basic package with 5x weekly training Duration of each training unit and content according to individual agreement We want to get your horse back on the right track and correct positional errors, sensitize them to help and possibly convey new or different starting points. We also give advice on problems with the saddle fit Our destination is to have a horse which has confidence in the rider and enjoy working with them


  • Special food €0

    various additional feed 2xdaily with the muesli, products have to be organized by yourself

  • 3xdaily hay €2

    same amount but distributed over 3xdaily for horses with sensitive stomachs

  • Grazing n.A.

    regardless of size / area, greenery and duration, What is reimbursed here is not the wear and tear of the pasture, but the work of the staff Possible at any time of the year, it is used for variety, stress relief, voluntary movement and for grooming (rolling)

  • Riding €10

    30min, including cleaning, saddling, warming up Prevent muscle breakdown, promote metabolism for all those who cannot move their horse regularly or who want additional training, also suitable for refining and strengthening the skills of help

  • Care n.A.

    Hoof care, wound care, blanket management, etc.

  • Serenity training €8

    in the saddle or on the ground, horse rides (road safety), work with Plastic sheeting, flags, etc., repeating regularly strengthens the trust of the Horse and gives more security for horse and rider, 20min

  • Trailparcour €12

    currently in planning, alternatively challenges that nature offers us; overcoming tree trunks, unfamiliar ground conditions, water, steps, stones, etc., 20 minutes in the saddle or on the ground strengthens the muscles, promotes mobility and trains the attention

  • Parking area for trailers €0